Safety Guide for Garage Doors

By | August 30, 2016

garage-door-safetyIt is very important to consider all the safety measures while dealing with any equipment or product to keep yourself and your family safe. Below are some of the garage door safety measures that you should take to avoid accidents and injuries.Source: Garage door repair in Planfield, IL.

  1. Control buttons of an automatic garage door should always be out of the reach of children. They should be at least 5 feet high from the floor.
  2. Garage door remote controls are not toys and you should explain your children why not to play with them.
  3. You should explain all garage safety measures to your children and the injury risks that one can face for not following them.
  4. You should always be aware of using the emergency release feature of your garage door. Instruction manual that comes along with the installation can be of great help for learning this feature.
  5. You should carry out a visual inspection of all garage parts and hardware on a monthly basis. If you find any of the parts malfunctioned or damaged, you should immediately contact a professional for repair and maintenance.
  6. In any circumstances, don’t repair the fastened parts of the garage door by yourself because they carry a lot of tension and weight, and can result in a serious accidental injury. Always call a professional for all the repair and maintenance work.That’s why it is a good idea to hire a professional garage door repair service. Garage Door Repair in Arlington Heights is very reliable and offers good pricing.
  7. You should safety check the opener reversing mechanism of your garage door on a monthly basis. For the purpose of inspection you can place an object in the path of garage door to check if it reverses back on contact with that object. In case of failure, contact a qualified professional for help. Source: web

We have always emphasized on taking all safety precautions related to garage doors and getting help from a qualified professional in case of any malfunction and damage. Trying to repair a garage door without any professional knowledge can result in a serious injury. Garage door repair