Reasons for replacing your old Garage Door

By | August 20, 2016

Like everything else, homes also need maintenance to ensure durability of different utilities and things that we use on daily basis and also for the sake of safety. Home maintenance includes a lot of things and maintenance of home exterior is one of them. Garage doors fall in the category of exterior maintenance and there are some factors that conclude whether or not your garage door can be repaired and used for a couple of more years or whether it needs to be replaced by a new one. Below are some of the reasons why you should replace your old garage door with a new one.


1- According to a research carried out by The National Association of Realtors, you can yield more than 80% return on your investment just by replacing the old garage door with a new one before selling your house. This research highlights the fact that how much a new garage door can contribute to the curb appeal of your home. You will agree that garage doors are the first thing you notice when you visit someone else’s home and you must know first impression is the last impression. Garage Door Repair Berwyn, IL.

2- Replacing your garage door can greatly help you reduce your utility bills because most of the times old garage doors have poor insulation. Because of this poor insulation you have to spend tons of money on heating or cooling the house. Installation of an insulated garage door will make sure that the outside climate does not affect the inside atmosphere of the house and will eventually pay for itself by efficiently reducing you energy costs used for keeping your house warm in winters and cold in summers.

3- A lot of garages at homes are used for keeping stuff that isn’t in use or doesn’t fit in the house. All of your cheap to expensive automobile tools are always present in the garage and it’s a given that if you own a lawnmower, it will end up in the garage too. That is why, it is important to have a new leak proof and insulated garage door to save all your belongings from a bad weather because having a tempered old garage door is like intentionally exposing your goods to moisture and humidity during a bad weather.

4- Old garage doors cost a lot of money and time for maintenance. You can go for a carriage house garage door that are made of insulated steel but look like a wooden garage door and they require least maintenance cost.

5- You can get a 10% cut on your insurance premiums just by installing a new garage door because old garage doors tend to get easily damaged during a storm which makes them an insurance liability. On the other hand, new garage doors can withstand harsh environmental effects such as storms and reduce the risk of an insurance claim. That is why a lot of insurance companies offer a cut on their premiums because of an installation of a new garage door. Source: Garage Door Repair in Park Ridge, IL

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