Advantages of a Wicket Door

By | August 29, 2016

Not a lot of garage doors feature a wicket door for the entrance of pedestrians these days. These doors can make things very convenient and also give a great overall efficiency to garage doors for serving their purpose. Following things should be considered before the installation of a wicket door in a garage door. Garage door repair in wilmett, il.

  • Make sure that the height and breadth of the wicket door to be installed is usable.
  • Consider the area of threshold between the door and the floor for the sake of avoiding trip hazards.
  • Make sure that the installation of the wicket door doesn’t compromise the overall security of the main door in any way. Or hire a professional garage door expert
  • You should know the opening size of the garage door when it’s completely open.
  • Will you have to consider insulation of the wicket door as well?
  • Do you want it or some part of it to be transparent or have a window
  • you should consider safety measures that ensure that the wicket door will be able to open while the garage door will be operated electrically and vice versa.

A lot of modern garage doors feature a wicket door that opens just enough to let a pedestrian walk n. A secondary remote control can be used for this purpose that makes sure that the door opens for a predetermined width. You can also control the opening of the door manually.

If you have an insulated steel garage door then a lot of manufacturers like Hormann, Garador and Carteck provide you with a compatible wicket door. The size of the wicket door goes in proportion with the strength that the section of the door has to offer while the threshold is supposed to be min. because of the overall strength that the garage door has to offer. Always, have your trust in a company from Park Ridge, IL. Garage Door Repair Park Ridge, is a company you can trust in.

No matter what types of wicket door that you might choose, they always feature options for handles and locking system. You can also have an automatic safety cut off switch that will stop the garage door operation automatically if the wicket door will not be completely shut. If you will go for a wicket door with hinged side and round corners then you will not have to face any threshold at all as compared to a sectional door which will also provide the least threshold. You can choose any of these doors with manual and automatic features according to your comfort.

You can also have easy access to the garage by having a pedestrian pass door. If you have a garage that opens into your house then this door can be a comfortable access to your entire home. In case you occasionally park your car in the garage then a wicket door can also be very helpful to access your home in that scenario. Garage door repair.