Safety Guide for Garage Doors

garage-door-safetyIt is very important to consider all the safety measures while dealing with any equipment or product to keep yourself and your family safe. Below are some of the garage door safety measures that you should take to avoid accidents and injuries.Source: Garage door repair in Planfield, IL.

  1. Control buttons of an automatic garage door should always be out of the reach of children. They should be at least 5 feet high from the floor.
  2. Garage door remote controls are not toys and you should explain your children why not to play with them.
  3. You should explain all garage safety measures to your children and the injury risks that one can face for not following them.
  4. You should always be aware of using the emergency release feature of your garage door. Instruction manual that comes along with the installation can be of great help for learning this feature.
  5. You should carry out a visual inspection of all garage parts and hardware on a monthly basis. If you find any of the parts malfunctioned or damaged, you should immediately contact a professional for repair and maintenance.
  6. In any circumstances, don’t repair the fastened parts of the garage door by yourself because they carry a lot of tension and weight, and can result in a serious accidental injury. Always call a professional for all the repair and maintenance work.That’s why it is a good idea to hire a professional garage door repair service. Garage Door Repair in Arlington Heights is very reliable and offers good pricing.
  7. You should safety check the opener reversing mechanism of your garage door on a monthly basis. For the purpose of inspection you can place an object in the path of garage door to check if it reverses back on contact with that object. In case of failure, contact a qualified professional for help. Source: web

We have always emphasized on taking all safety precautions related to garage doors and getting help from a qualified professional in case of any malfunction and damage. Trying to repair a garage door without any professional knowledge can result in a serious injury. Garage door repair

How can a Garage Door Give your Home a Fresh Look

A garage door can highly influence the looks of a house especially if you live in an area that offers cold winters and beautiful rainy season. We have come up with tips that you can use to give your house a fresh look by giving some simple finishing touches to your garage door. Garage door repair lemont, il.

1- You can paint your fiberglass garage door like wood which will not only save it from weather but will also help you save a lot of money. Fiberglass garage doors are not only good insulators but are also water resistant which means that painting them will further decrease their chances of rotting. Source: website.

2- You can remove the window inserts on your garage door because plastic tends to become brittle in cold weather. You can easily remove them by unscrewing their screws and fixtures that will save them from cracking and fading. Installing a new window insert can be tricky and you can do that by using a wooden block for inkling the window corners and then hammering them into the frame. Source: web

3- Adding windows in a traditional garage door repair can really help it with its looks. You just need to have a black spray paint, some painters tape and carriage door hardware in some cases. Stick painters tape on each square on the top row of your garage door and make a cross in the middle. Then simply paint the area and then remove the painters tape afterwards. You will notice that the square will start looking like a window. You can add the carriage door hardware beneath the row and on its side and you will be amazed how beautiful your garage door will look.

4- You can always install a new garage door and get rid of the older one as it is not only a good investment, it can give your house a great look and can also save you a lot of money on insurance premiums. Many insurance companies offer up to 10% cut on their premiums because of a new garage door installation. You will also admit that the garage doors are the first thing anyone notices when entering a house. Professional garage door repair in deerfield, il.

Advantages of a Wicket Door

Not a lot of garage doors feature a wicket door for the entrance of pedestrians these days. These doors can make things very convenient and also give a great overall efficiency to garage doors for serving their purpose. Following things should be considered before the installation of a wicket door in a garage door. Garage door repair in wilmett, il.

  • Make sure that the height and breadth of the wicket door to be installed is usable.
  • Consider the area of threshold between the door and the floor for the sake of avoiding trip hazards.
  • Make sure that the installation of the wicket door doesn’t compromise the overall security of the main door in any way. Or hire a professional garage door expert
  • You should know the opening size of the garage door when it’s completely open.
  • Will you have to consider insulation of the wicket door as well?
  • Do you want it or some part of it to be transparent or have a window
  • you should consider safety measures that ensure that the wicket door will be able to open while the garage door will be operated electrically and vice versa.

A lot of modern garage doors feature a wicket door that opens just enough to let a pedestrian walk n. A secondary remote control can be used for this purpose that makes sure that the door opens for a predetermined width. You can also control the opening of the door manually.

If you have an insulated steel garage door then a lot of manufacturers like Hormann, Garador and Carteck provide you with a compatible wicket door. The size of the wicket door goes in proportion with the strength that the section of the door has to offer while the threshold is supposed to be min. because of the overall strength that the garage door has to offer. Always, have your trust in a company from Park Ridge, IL. Garage Door Repair Park Ridge, is a company you can trust in.

No matter what types of wicket door that you might choose, they always feature options for handles and locking system. You can also have an automatic safety cut off switch that will stop the garage door operation automatically if the wicket door will not be completely shut. If you will go for a wicket door with hinged side and round corners then you will not have to face any threshold at all as compared to a sectional door which will also provide the least threshold. You can choose any of these doors with manual and automatic features according to your comfort.

You can also have easy access to the garage by having a pedestrian pass door. If you have a garage that opens into your house then this door can be a comfortable access to your entire home. In case you occasionally park your car in the garage then a wicket door can also be very helpful to access your home in that scenario. Garage door repair.

Reasons for replacing your old Garage Door

Like everything else, homes also need maintenance to ensure durability of different utilities and things that we use on daily basis and also for the sake of safety. Home maintenance includes a lot of things and maintenance of home exterior is one of them. Garage doors fall in the category of exterior maintenance and there are some factors that conclude whether or not your garage door can be repaired and used for a couple of more years or whether it needs to be replaced by a new one. Below are some of the reasons why you should replace your old garage door with a new one.


1- According to a research carried out by The National Association of Realtors, you can yield more than 80% return on your investment just by replacing the old garage door with a new one before selling your house. This research highlights the fact that how much a new garage door can contribute to the curb appeal of your home. You will agree that garage doors are the first thing you notice when you visit someone else’s home and you must know first impression is the last impression. Garage Door Repair Berwyn, IL.

2- Replacing your garage door can greatly help you reduce your utility bills because most of the times old garage doors have poor insulation. Because of this poor insulation you have to spend tons of money on heating or cooling the house. Installation of an insulated garage door will make sure that the outside climate does not affect the inside atmosphere of the house and will eventually pay for itself by efficiently reducing you energy costs used for keeping your house warm in winters and cold in summers.

3- A lot of garages at homes are used for keeping stuff that isn’t in use or doesn’t fit in the house. All of your cheap to expensive automobile tools are always present in the garage and it’s a given that if you own a lawnmower, it will end up in the garage too. That is why, it is important to have a new leak proof and insulated garage door to save all your belongings from a bad weather because having a tempered old garage door is like intentionally exposing your goods to moisture and humidity during a bad weather.

4- Old garage doors cost a lot of money and time for maintenance. You can go for a carriage house garage door that are made of insulated steel but look like a wooden garage door and they require least maintenance cost.

5- You can get a 10% cut on your insurance premiums just by installing a new garage door because old garage doors tend to get easily damaged during a storm which makes them an insurance liability. On the other hand, new garage doors can withstand harsh environmental effects such as storms and reduce the risk of an insurance claim. That is why a lot of insurance companies offer a cut on their premiums because of an installation of a new garage door. Source: Garage Door Repair in Park Ridge, IL

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